Our Story

Recruiting Concepts was created to fill a need; a need for a targeted, focused recruiting firm to service Richmond’s top companies and a talented software development community. The story of Recruiting Concepts is also the story of its Principal, Gaelen Kash.

Gaelen has been in the recruiting industry for over 13 years, and those years of experience have shown him the good and the bad of recruiting. After seeing how many recruiting companies work – online job boards and online resume databases, cold calling, scouring online job boards, etc. – he had an epiphany.

He asked himself one simple question, “What makes one recruiting firm better than another?” He realized when a company relies on the “easy” practices like online job boards and online resume databases, there was nothing to distinguish them from their competition using similar practices. Gaelen set out to answer that question with a new type of recruiting firm – Recruiting Concepts.

Gaelen’s goal was straightforward – create a recruiting firm that was focused on excelling in a specific niche. JavaScript and .NET development was that niche – an area of high need for top companies and a strong base of talented professionals.

Recruiting Concepts is Gaelen’s answer to the question “what makes us different?” A top-caliber company seeking top-caliber personnel should expect nothing less than a top-caliber recruiting firm. What makes Recruiting Concepts different is really very simple –  we hold the client, the candidates, and ourselves to the highest standards.