Our Process

Finding the right fit is about more than just passing along openings to a job seeker. It‘s a matter of knowing exactly what the company is seeking, and what the professional is looking for. Just because a person fits an experience and skill set requirement doesn‘t mean its the right fit. We work hard to get to know both our clients and candidates – so that when we make a match, everyone involved will know they‘re going to get exactly what they‘re looking for.

High Standards

We hold both our clients and candidates to a high standard. It only makes sense – if we‘re going to recruit the best professionals, we owe it to them to coordinate positions with the best companies. Likewise, if we‘re going to recruit for the best companies, we owe it to only approach them with candidates who are both highly skilled professionals and will be a proper fit for the corporate culture. On both sides, we expect substance to back up reputations – referrals, performance records, peer reviews, and our own evaluation will prove that reputation.

No Shortcuts

There are many ways to cut corners when recruiting – and we‘ll accept none of them. We will neither post jobs nor recruit job seekers from any e-board or employment websites. We will not “hustle” professionals with job offers. When we approach a potential candidate, we‘re not doing it to offer them a specific job. We are approaching them to discover what their talents are, what their goals are, and what their perfect position would be. Once we have found that perfect position, we will recruit them to start the interview process.

Likewise, when we are approached with a position to be filled from a client, we don‘t throw candidates at them hoping one will stick. We find the candidate who both wants the position and is the right person for the job.

More Than Just a Job

There‘s more to finding the right fit than matching skills and a salary range. We take all aspects of a company, a job, and a person into account. What is the corporate culture? How much room for upward mobility is there? Who will be a potential candidate‘s peers and superiors? If all parties don‘t think they got exactly what they were looking for, we didn‘t do our job.

By the time we‘ve connected a candidate and a client, each party already knows the other. Our candidates come to an interview knowing the corporate structure.

With You The Whole Way

We don‘t just assume we‘ve matched a candidate and client and turn them loose to iron out the details – we‘re on hand through the whole process. Before making any contact between, we‘ve researched and talked with both parties – and we know exactly what both are seeking. We brief the client and the candidate before each interview, and debrief both parties after. This way, we know what went right and what is still to be determined in subsequent interviews. And before the final interview, we‘ve already worked out the nitty gritty of acceptable salaries – so there‘s no haggling to be done.